Monday, May 26, 2008

Radio Free Carmela, thank u!

While I'm writing this blog, we've just returned from our first Amsterdam GigSwap event @ The Winston Kingdom in the Amsterdam city centre, just to let you know: we had a blast! Carmela Pedicini (Florida, US) openend for us and right there and then completely swept us off our feet. Carmela's ´Americana´ music really got us cheering and applauding her from the get go, first song to last. This last song actualy was a passionate protestsong touching me deeply. Proof of the fact that true convictions and great songwriting goes together really, really well.

Check all about Carmela here:

I am now listening to the CD she gave me at the concert and enjoying it immensely! Carmela left after the show for the Schiphol Airport to head back to the USA, but she was leaving us with a great experience!

I´ll write some more on this memorable night later, off to take a nap now...

Best whishes,


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