Thursday, July 10, 2008

We are well... More extraordinary? We are Rome meets Amsterdam, Prague meets the USA, Belgium meets Maleysia and we're throwing some mean old school vynil scratched roots and high energy blues your way, to blend with your electropop smoothies, We're Gyspy Swing added to Cowpunk and be sure to get caught up into other mad experiments too!

After Sofie Nickel had to cancel as she lost her voice completely, a result of a bad cold... Get well soon, girl! Fortunately we've been sooo lucky to have found a more than suitable replacement in the gifted Nathalie Giannitrapani, yet another GigSwapping singer songwriter. Nathalie will play her songs accompanying herself on piano and guitar. Nathalie is an exquisitely talented singer and perfomer has pledged to fill the gap. We are just very proud to have her!

This means we now have two perfectly talented voices on stage to part the clouds: because from Amsterdam the show includes the brightly shining star Gaya.

Than it´s up to the notorious Utrecht high energy blues formation 'The Phonetics', ft. for this special occasion Dj DNA (The Urban Dace Squad) to stirr up your roots and pour some vinyl thrills down your spine...

Swinc.'s unique 30's and 40's Gypsy Jazz and standards repertoir will certainly get your blood flowing and your feet moving; with Mariange´s vocals your will be taking a seamless timeshift into the earliest aera's of sweet sung jazz classics. Swinc will also support the legendary singer Shai Shahar, who has a beautiful, soothening and warm voice and a great stage presence. Shai wi'll sing anything from crooner songs to classic big band compositions and jazz standards.

'The Tower of Dudes' are a notorious cowpunk band, acting out a Czech' variation of unleashed Cajun Tex Mex Polka.

Saer Ze, the queen of electroglam and selfproclaimed 'dirty disco doll', will be on stage with
MC Dusaar, a reknowned Belgian MC.

Finaly, last but not least, it's Matthew´s Workshop, also from the Czeska Republica, guaranteed to blow you hat, with a mix of funk, rap and downright Rock and roll!

Put all of that in your shaker, and you´ll certainly have an 'all sytems unleashed' party. And know what? That's just only us already - there will be loads more to enjoy on our premisses at the Globalicious area!

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